The Itinerary of the Primal Point


1.    The Itinerary of the Primal Point
In the Four Grades (Chahar Sha’n) otherwise known as the Asma-i-Kull-i-Shay (the Names of All Things), Wáhid (Unity) IV, Chapter (BÂB) 7, the Primal Point says that he was on pilgrimage in Mecca in the first year, in Shiraz the following year, in Isfahan in the third year, in Maku in the fourth year, and in Chihriq in the fifth and the sixth year.

1st year1260 – 12611844 - 1845Mecca
2nd year1261 – 12621845 - 1846Shiraz
3rd year1262 – 12631846 - 1847Maku
4th year1263 – 12641847 - 1848Maku
5th year1264 – 12651848 - 1849Chihriq
6th year1265 – 12661849 - 1850Chihriq

Declaration: May 23rd, 1844
Martyrdom: July 8, 1850

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