Question & Answer
Mulla Muhammad Jafar of Naraq


Question and Answer is a tract composed by Mulla Muhammad Jafar of Naraq in A.H. 1278 (1861-2) at the request of members of his fold. It answers to some of the most fundamental theological questions by relying on the teachings of Bayan, some of which are listed below:

Mulla Muhammad Jafar of Naraq
was one of the prominent BÂBi leaders who remonstrated with Baha for his tendency to innovation during the early period of the BÂBi exiles' sojourn at Baghdad. Baha retires into voluntary exile in the northern Iraq where he spent two years. Mulla Muhammad Jafar of Naraq was a spiritual guide in the Kashan area in Iran.

A Witness of Bayan
Consequent upon the martyrdom of the Primal Point on the July 8, 1850, Subh-i-Azal, as the Point’s successor and vicegerent, assumed the leadership of the BÂBi movement. He appointed Witnesses to administer regional BÂBi affairs under his control. They included Sayyid Muhammad of Isfahan, murdered by Baha’s men in Acre, and Mulla Muhammad Jafar of Naraq entitled Raqib, who died in prison in Teheran.

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