12.2 Iqan According to the authoress of the ‘Awakening of Sleepers’
The Tanbih-al Naimin (Awakening of Sleepers) commonly called Risal-i Amma (printed, P. 110) by Izziyya Khanum known as Khanum-i Buzurg Subh-i Azal and Baha's half sister touring his tenure of office, Sir Abbas Effendi sent her a letter inviting her to embrace Bahaism, which evoked the Risal-i-Amme (The Aunt's Epistle). It begins :
اهل البیت ادری بما فی البیت
See Materials, ibid, P. 227
The remaining of the Khaluiyya as the Iqan at Edirne is confirmed by Subh-i Azal.

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