The Primal Point’s Tablet For Azim


The Primal Point’s communication to Mulla Shaykh Ali surnamed Azim has the heading بسم الله الأجمل الأجمل J.R.A.S July 1892, P. 466 (No. 16, on f.756 to No.20, on f. 968). The relevant entry in the Point’s personal Diary of 1850 is as follows: Page 2. “9 [Baha, Bayani year 1 = Jamad Awwal 13, 1266 A.H] “Allahu Ajmal”. To “[Mulla Shaykh Ali surnamed] Azim-Al-Akbar” “5 W [Waraqa – papers]”:

This communication is reproduced in printed Five Grades, PP. 252-290.

1.   Excerpt form the Point’s Tablet
(P. 255, from line 14): “…. Appropriate that which god has planted in the Bayan so that it fructifies, whereby ye rejoice. That Fruit (Al-Thamara) flourished in Al-Waw (= 6). Are ye not thankful therefore! O ye Azim, bear witness that there is none other than God but Me, the Most Great, the Most Great. We have made known unto thee One, who is Mighty and Great. Say: Praise be to god who has guided Me to that which, whereby god has manifested Himself to him on His Part. Verily, He is the All-Powerful, the Almighty.
This, verily, is that which we promised thee, ere the while we answered thee. Wait thou patiently until Nine will have elapsed from [the time of] the Bayan.

(P. 256) thou say: Blessed be god, the best of Originators! We answered thee before, ere Al-Ta (=9), that it behooves to appear in Al-Waw two signs from god [mentioned] in the Book of the Ancient. Say: One of the Two, Yahya Al-Nabi (John the Baptist), then the other, the son of Ali, the [First] Imam of exalted Reality. We have made known unto thee one of the two. Journey through the land until god, thy lord, makes known unto thee that which, also shines forth brightly from god, thy lord, the lord of the worlds. Thou art to guard that Fruit (Al-Thamara) so that befalls him not what saddens his heart …”

(P.256 Lines 9-10): “.. Look not upon aught save god, and view not in the Mirror (Al-Mir’at) save that which, thereby the Sun has manifested itself to him…”

(P. 256 Lines 13-15): “… If ye desire to ask for help for the religion of god, then keep clear of him, and include not the Mirror of god (Mira’t-allah) amongst yourselves, and ask for help from god through what is sent down to him. This verily, is a great sanctuary for you …”

(P. 258, Line 7): “Say: Only the Two Wahids (Al-Wahidayn) merit what we have mentioned to thee before …”

(P. 259, Lines 4-6): “If thou attainest unto the two Wahids (Al-Wahidayn), Say to Al-Akbar: Behold that which god has manifested to that Mirror (Al-Mir’at). This, verily, is glory to believers. Say to the Mirror (Al-Mir’at), Glorigy this, verily, is the Help of god in the Book …”

(P.259 Line 7): “O ye the Mirror of Eternity (Mir’at-al Azal مرآت الأزل), thou art to strengthen whoever is in the Bayan through what is revealed by thee ….”

(P. 280, lines 2-7): The Primal Point once again confirms his statement to Azim and says: “This, verily, is that which we answered thee before, that ere the attainment of the first moist germ in wombs [in the realm] of possibility to before the Nine, which is equivalent to before a while (Qabl-Hin قبل حین), it behoves to shine forth from god two Mirrors; because from the First Creation up to this moment no one was born after the lapse of six months except John the Prophet (Yahya Al-Nabil قبل نبیل) and [the Imam] Hussein, the Son of Ali [the First Imam]. God has made known unto thee one [of them]. Seek enlightenment for the other amongst the Bayanis until you bring him out of his retreat. But be intelligent, for his proof is nothing else but the power of the faith (Al-Fitra) …”

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