The Epistle By The Primal Point to Mirza Husayn Ali [Baha]


1.     The Epistle By The Primal Point to Mirza Husayn Ali [Baha]
Notice in writing of the appointment of Subh-i-Azal as ‘his successor and vicegerent was served by the Primal Point on all prominent BÂBis.
Baha was the recipient of an autograph from the Primal Point directing and instructing him to take appropriate measures for the safety of Subh-i-Azal, for his education, and for his latent works due to appear in the fullness of time.

The epistle, in the terms in which it is couched, is a directive or authoritative instruction or direction addressed from a superior, the Primal Point, to an inferior, Baha, directing and instructing him to perform certain acts as set out in the epistle.

Attached under is the facsimile of the Primal Point’s autograph personal diary dated Jamad Awal 5, 1266 A.H. (March 20, 1850), effective which the BÂBi era commences.

The following entry is posted at the bottom of the page:
“9 Thursday”“What has been written”
[March 27, 1850]   “to 238, the brother of the Fruit ثمره (i.e. Subh-i Azal)”
“An ornamented epistle”

The fruit denotes Subh-i-Azal and the ciphers ‘238’ represent the sum of the letters, according to the Abjad notation, in the words “Husayn Ali”, Baha’s name.

The Primal Point was martyred on July 8, 1850 (Sha’ban 27, 1266 A.H). This entry proves that Baha had no title upon him by the Primal Point, who, as the manifestation of god in the Bayanic dispensation, was the grantor of titles exclusively, the Persian Bayan, Wáhid (Unity) 5, BÂB (Chapter) 8.
The Primal Point’s epistle addressed to Baha appears in old BÂBi manuscript. I attach hereto page 32 of the Tanbih-al-Naimin in which this historic epistle is reproduced textually. (See section 9.13.2).

Reference is also made to it in the Dawn Breakers, Nabil’s Narrative (see section 5.12.2).
Contents of the epistle :

To “238” [Husayn Ali].

In the preamble of the epistle the Primal Point stresses Subh-i-Azal’s station, refers to him as “the Most Glorious [Abha] Element called Yahya”; Subh-i-Azal’s name, and notes with thanks “the tablets which have been made manifest by that Essence of Ecstasy and pure Magnet. Exercise,” the Primal Point then directs and instructs Mirza Husayn Ali, “the utmost vigilance for his spirit and vitality, so that simoom-winds settle not on his heart. Make available for him,” the Primal Point commands Mirza Husayn Ali, “the most perfect means of encouragement for calligraphy and orthography, so that he exhibits not absolutely, sorrow, overt or covert.”

از عنصر ابهی سمی یحیی الواح مسطوره که از جوهر و له سازج انجذاب متجلی گشته مشاهده شده الشکر لمجلیه جل و عز کمال تراقب در روح و ارتواح آن منظور داشته باش که اریاح مشرقه بر فؤاد آن ساکن نگردد و اسباب شوق در خط و املاء بر نهج کمال از رای او فراهم آورده که مطلق مشاهده حزنی نه سراً و نه جهرا ننماید و کمال حفظ آن و آثار مخزونه آن داشته باش تا وقت خود والله مع الصابرین

“Take the utmost Care,” the Primal Point enjoins upon Mirza Husayn Ali, “of him, and of his latent works [signs] till their [appearance in] due course of time, and god is with those that are patient.”

This epistle was sent out to Baha through Subh-i-Azal. Facsimile of the Primal Point’s amanuensis Aqa Sayyid Hussein’s autograph epistle addressed to Mulla Abdul-Karim known as Mirza Ahmad-Katib.

Extract from above image with the position of 238 highlighted.

... و کتاب علی راسه مکتوب باسمک فیه کل الازلیه والدائرة الابدیة و خط الالهیة و خط آخر من الله لسمیی الاعلی (238) مع العلی بلغه الی الثمرة البهیة و ... ... کتابی که روی آن نام تو نوشته شده هیکل ازلیه و دائره ابدیه در آن است و خط دیگری از نقطه اولی برای همنام بزرگوار من حسینعلی (238) است آنرا به ثمره بهیه برسان ...

… The writing on which your name in written and in which are …. . There is another writing from Primal Point for my honourable Hussayn-Ali whose has same name as me, take it to the Most Glorious Fruit ..

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