Baha's Grounds of Pretensions
The Order of Bahaullah
The Persian Bayan


7.    The Order of Bahaullah
7.4  The Persian Bayan
In the Persian Bayan each Wáhid is made up of nineteen BÁBs and the relevant passage appears in the sixteenth BÁB of the third Wáhid. This BÁB (Chapter), among other things, deals with the Point’s writings named collectively Bayan and with the Point’s writings made up of five grades or styles composed of verses, supplications, commentaries, scientific treaties and Persian words.
This Primal Point states that in arranging the order in which the Bayan is to appear one is permitted to adopt any way that will conduce to it becoming more attractive, although one thousand ways have been adopted. But all these are referable to the Bayan itself; for no letter may be added thereto or suppressed from it. Arrangement of the order in which the Bayan is to be preserved may give rise to discrepancies between any two copies of it. A later order in which the Bayan is arranged will be an improvement on its earlier order. “Well is it with him,” the Primal Point then says, “who looks at the order of Bahaullah and renders thanks unto his Lord. Verily it will appear, and it is irrevocably [ordained] on the part of the Bayan, till god raises up what he wills and sends down what he desires.”
The text runs as follows: Unity III : Chapter XIV.

طوبی لمن ینظر الی نظم بهاء الله و یشکر ربّه فانّه یظهر و لامر وله من عندالله فی البیان الی ان یرفع الله ما یشاء و ینزل ما یرید انّه قوی قدیر..

The Primal Point then goes on to say that the best order in which to arrange the Bayan is the one that takes account of the Bayan’s apparent limits. As for example, a prayer of one hundred verses, a verse is composed of thirty letters, is not to be mixed with the Point’s writings of five grades or styles. These matters are to be dealt with by the Ulamas of the Bayan.
In the Persian Bayan Wáhid vi, BÁB 1, the Primal Point lays down that the Bayan in the arrangement of the order in which it is to appear may not exceed 19 volumes. Of this set of 19, the first 2 volumes are to contain the verses, 4 volumes the supplications, 6 volumes the commentaries, and 6 volumes the scientific treaties and the Persian words.
The person of a succeeding manifestation and his revelations are more perfect than that of an entire manifestation and his revelation (Persian Bayan, Wáhid III, BÁB 4).

The person of the manifestation of the age is the place of the Manifestation of the Primal Volition and is designated “Bahaullah”. The Primal Point was Bahaullah in the Bayanic Dispensation (Persian Bayan Wáhid III, BÁB 15).

It will thus be seen that what the Primal Point had meant was that his order in the Bayan is to be arranged is the best, pending the coming of Him-Whom-God-Will-Make-Manifest. Bahaullah in his age, whose order in his revelation will be arranged will be more perfect than his own.
This order or arrangement spoken by the Primal Point does not prove that Mirza Husayn Ali was Bahaullah, as alleged.

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