Who Is Who of the Bahai Figures

Mirza Abd-al-Husayn Ayati

Ayati - late Mirza Abd-al- Husayn Ayati embraced Bahaism During Sir Abbas Effendi tenure of office, by when he was surnamed Awara. A man of letters, he rose to prominence, and became one of the hands of the cause (Aydi-i Amr). He was held in veneration by Bahais. He was an excellent proselytiser (Muballigh). He served Shoghi Effendi a number of years, and travelled to Europe, at his instance to espouse the cause of Bahaism. When he came back from his mission, the abjured Bahaism and returned to the fold of Islam. He wrote a book entitled Kashf-al-Hiyal of three volumes. He was excommunicated. The book is a hostile critical study of Bahaism and Bahai history and doctrine. All available copies of the book were bought and suppressed by the Bahais.


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