Subh-i Azal
Subh-i Azal And Him-Whom-God-Will-Make-Manifest


Mirza Jani has ‘identified’ ‘He Whom God Shall Manifest’ with Subi-I Azal in the sense that “there may not be two Points [i.e. the Manifestations of the Primal Will, for the definition of the term Point (Nuqta).

No documentary evidence has been traced to uphold Mirza Jani’s statement that Subh-i Azal “was to abrogate the Bayan if ‘He Whom God Shall Manifest’ should appear in His Power in thy time, and to put into practice that which we shall inspire into thine heart.”

Mirza Jani in N-K considers the manifestation of Subh-i Azal to be the manifestation of Him-Whom-God-Shall-Make-Manifest. Mirza Jani misdirects himself his in his opinion and thereby arrived at a wrong conclusion. Where the text is clear there is no room for interpretation. The Point’s Testamentary Disposition addressed to Subh-i-Azal is clear and prevail.

Mirza Jani was not the only one who was mistaken. Many a believer passed away with the belief that Subh-i Azal was Him-Whom-God-Will-Make-Manifest. In one of his epistles Subh-i Azal says:

بعضی توّهم مینمایند که این شجره دعوی مقامات لانهایة داشته و مدعی مقام موعود است. ای جهال نادان اگر چنین مقصود بود از اول کلام تا امروز همگی شما شجرة ازلیة را من یظهره الله جلّ و عزّ فرض مینمودید و آن عبد مفتقر منع می نمود و سلب این مقام از خویش مینمود چنانچه کثیری به همین اعتقاد از این عالم فانی رفتند اگر فی الحقیقة مقصود او از بعد این بود قبل را شما خود مقرر بودید چه احتیاج به انکار تا آنکه مزیر بر زحمت شده دلیل و برهان آوریم.

For some years Mirza Husayn Ali Baha himself held the same belief:
In his Sata’at, Sat’a 107, Subh-i Azal says:

«... و انا الظلام یومئذ کان فی افتکار عظیم بان کیف یظهر الله امره و کیف یظهر نفسا اخر و کان یصتقد فی بعض سنین بان هذا الوجه ذلک القمص و قد ؟ عن ذلک هذا العبد و ؟ الله امره انه علام حکیم فلما رای و قد فعل ما اجراه الی ان سفل دمآء و قبل نفوسا و اهلک قوما ...»

The Primal Point did not expect the immediate appearance of the next manifestation, and Subh-i Azal never claimed to be He-Whom-God-Will-Make-Manifest.
Subh-i Azal stood in relation to the Primal Point as did Ali to the Prophet. The Point’s Testamentary Disposition addressed to Subh-i Azal confirms no command to abrogate the Bayan, but rather make impossible such a directive.

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